Compression Quad Sleeves from Spiro
Outer Fabric
70% nylon, 30% elastane
S, M, L, XL

Please note: Colours are a guide only and are not to be used as a true representation of the garment colour.

  • Quick Dry and breathable with seamless 360 degree knit fabric
  • Increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build up and muscle fatigue during exercise
  • High density construction prevents stiffness, cramp and micro muscle injuries
  • 360 degrees compression around quad absorbs shockwave effect on muscles, veins and joints
  • Graduated compression: 15-20mm Hg
  • Easy pull on and off and comfortable to wear under normal clothing
  • Thin and lightweight to maximise heat emission
  • Ready to brand
  • Top of thing: 52-56cm 57-67cm 62-72cm 62-77cm
  • Base of thigh: 36-42cm 39-45cm 42-46cm 45-51cm